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Helping Dynamic Business Owners Achieve Their Dreams
Modern Firm Utilizing Cloud Technology for Increased Collaboration

Conversion to Xero

No longer wish to be tied to your desktop software?  Full conversion services to move your bookkeeping to the cloud

Cloud Bookkeeping

Automation - real time access - scalability - increased efficiency - enhanced collaboration

Advisory Services

Work with you to understand your company's financial statements allowing informed business decisions

App Stack

Establishing which apps will work best with your business to help make your business more efficient

What Our Clients Say
Gary Daly
Owner, Big Nickel Safety

I have had a wonderful experience switching over to Add-vantage Bookkeeping. It was seamless, easy to get organized, very well structured, easy to talk and get advice from the owner. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to bookkeeping, taxes, government programs and makes sure you are up to date on any incoming WSIB or HST payments to be paid. 

Very trustworthy, friendly, always available to talk, accessible and services on time!

A business who can handle all of my business needs and looks out for my best interest

Lisa Aho
Owner, TimeHero

Our experience with you has been seamless, easy, fast, reliable, and proactive.  I love that no question is too small (or dumb!), you're always there to answer, and you're patient, take the time to understand.  You make suggestions as to how to handle things. You have no idea how much stress that takes off of us, knowing that you think about that stuff for us. You're an extension of our business in terms of what we have been doing and what we should be doing financially. Year End...I couldn't do it by myself. I really can't stress how genuinely grateful I am to have you when it comes to our year end. The amount of stress that is alleviated knowing that you're there to help navigate that, really that you're there to steer the ship...I can't say enough. It literally helps me sleep at night, knowing that you're part of our team in that way, knowing that things will get done properly and thoroughly

Gail Sacks
Owner, Banbury Kids Camp

My experience with Add-vantage bookkeeping is “easy-peasy”!  Even though we work far apart, Kerri makes it all so doable!  Communication is never a problem…..between cell, emails, faxes, we find ways to connect!

She is always so positive and conscientious!  I would consider her a friend, as well as, a support in my seasonal camping business.  She always has time to answer questions very quickly! 

Hard worker, good attitude,…..we need more people like you…..those who are committed to being competent and caring

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