Accountant Resources

Whether you have your own bookkeeping department within your firm or you are looking to expand your practice by offering additional services to your clients – we can help you minimize your costs and maximize your efficiency!

If your firm already contains its own bookkeeping department there are always occassions during peak periods – such as tax time – where you experience an overflow of work needing to be completed and deadlines attached to that work.  Add-Vantage Bookkeeping can assist by being your one stop resource to handle that overload, allowing you to continually engage and satisfy your clients, increase your workload, increase your client base and increasing your earning capabilities.

You may not operate your own bookkeeping department currently, or you handle the bookkeeping yourself because you have clients requiring this particular service.  This might not be an area where you would like to focus your time but you wish to keep this service available. Outsourcing to Add-Vantage Bookkeeping can become a very enduring and profitable resource for you – allowing you to expand your firm, spend your time assisting your clients, confidence that the work is being completed professionally, accurately and efficiently.

We will go on-site or off-site with your clients to assist them with the organization of their bookkeeping records and documents.  We will prepare their year end documentation and reports. Your client’s year end summary will be presented in an custom organized set of bound and indexed documents with a complete electronic backup of their computerized company file.  This will also be a simple set of records for your clients to archive.  This will allow your firm to minimize your costs and maximize your efficiency and your client will be extremely satisfied with the service they are being given!

Contact us today at 705-920-0219 to see how we can forge a mutually beneficial alliance to provide outstanding bookkeeping services!

    We are very pleased to recommend Mrs. Kerri Bouffard to anyone seeking assistance from a qualified bookkeeper. Kerri has worked with us as a consultant for over three years and we have found her work to be accurate and helpful. In addition, she is pleasant to work with and has been an excellent coach for our less experienced bookkeeping staff. She has been very patient with our efforts to improve our cash control and the timeliness of our financial reports. – Maury East, President, Killarney Mountain Lodge Limited